If you have spent all your free time on summer pleasandays, on the sea or in the country, perhaps now there is a time when you should start to devote yourself to your dwelling. The time spent outdoors will slowly shorten and long evenings will be even more pleasant in your cozy apartment. Maybe it's the right time to think about replacing curtains and draperies. Even the pelmets would still be worth a thought.
Cook your tea or coffee for a relaxing moment with our website, where you will find all the information you need and get motivation to change. A well-arranged and detailed website will present you with pelmets and soft furnishings in all its perfection, quality and beauty.
For coffee and tea
Choose in peace of your home, stress-free and hand-picked. For any information that will be missing from your decision, just pick up your phone or write an email. We believe that our pelmets will fit you in the eye.

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