In kindergarten, where our son goes, the toy is very much. Each department accounts for roughly one hundred toys. They are all not stored in cabinets, but on shelves, which must be the truth of many. The worst is keeping them tidy. Especially when a "kindergarten" pavilion is being prepared, the cleaning is held in every department. What if one of the parents reached the top of the closet? It would be a shame to have a finger from the dust, don't you think?
Bordel in the Garage
I don't like clutter. Who likes him? Someone doesn't mind, suits someone else, he doesn't like him, but he can't keep order, I hate him and I fight to make everything look neat, tidy and cozy. But sometimes there's no time for cleaning, and it's gonna be nice. It is not above the smell after Christmas perfect cleaning. When every thing has its place and everything is in place and the shelves and racks are impregnated with a polished polish. Oh, that's great!

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