Tips for Choosing an Egg Donor Agency.

Some people think that an egg donor should be judged based on the genetic materials provided. For this reason, some people base their decision on the physical characteristics of the egg donor like their eye color or the hair. Keep in mind that this stage is critical because it bears a lot of weight in determining whether the procedure will be a success or not. There are those who will decide to get a friend of a relative to donate the egg. On the other hand, there are people who will decide to go to an egg donation agency to get the egg. The agency usually can pair an egg donor with you and your surrogate.

It is important for you to know how to proceed when it comes to picking an egg donor agency. The agency has official brick and mortar headquarters. You should be in a position to walk into their offices anytime you want help. On top of that, access the degree of professionalism and the personality of the team working at the agency. Think about how prompt they are when returning your calls or replying to your emails and texts. In addition, consider how long the agency has been in the field before you make the pick. The agency should cover the overheads as well. This is quite an expensive process which is why the agency should make efforts to lessen your burden.

Consider the cost of the services as well. The process doesn’t end with obtaining the egg which is why you should not take things for granted especially if you haven’t come up with a budget. Being careless can leave you with less money for the IVF process. Do not believe everything you see on advertisements because the truth might be quite far from that. You are less likely to regret your decision if you have had the time to get all the details about the egg donor agency you have in mind. Think about the policy of the egg donor agency regarding the fertility of the donors before you make your choice. Confirm that the agency only accepts donors who have children or have previous donations resulted in pregnancy. With everything on the line, this isn’t a risk you want to take. Even the best donation has little value if the eggs carry damaged chromosomes than can prevent a pregnancy. Don’t forget how important it is to ask about the egg donor agency’s policy on age. The prospects will be much better if the age of the donor isn’t past 30.

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